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Commercial Pressure Washing

Whether you have an Office, Apartment, Warehouse, Solar Panel Farm, Gas Station, Fleet, or Retail Store, Sarah Premium Power Washing maintains a gentle and detailed cleaning method to ensure the highest quality service for all your commercial pressure washing needs.

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Recurring Commercial Wash

At Sarah Premium Power Washing, we specialize in providing recurring cleaning services tailored for commercial properties. Whether you need fleet washing, restaurant exterior cleaning, heavy industrial equipment maintenance, or solar panel farm cleaning, our team guarantees a thorough and professional experience. Let us help you preserve the cleanliness and longevity of your property with our expert services.

Every Other Week (Most Popular)
Consider our Biweekly program, the most popular option at Sarah Premium Power Washing.
Once a Month

Monthly programs are ideal for Gas Stations and Trucking companies.

Every 3 Months

Every 3 Months. Sarah Premium Power Washing offers affordable Quarterly washing services perfect for Gas Station and Restaurant Exterior Washing.

One time Cleaning

Revitalize your commercial property with our premium one-time or annual washing service. Our expert team at Sarah Premium Power Washing guarantees a thorough and detailed cleaning method to enhance the cleanliness and longevity of your office, apartment, warehouse, solar panel farm, gas station, fleet, or retail store. Book now for a superior cleaning experience that will leave your property looking pristine.


What’s Included

Revamp your property’s exterior with Sarah Premium Power Washing. Our expert team delivers top-notch pressure washing, roof cleaning, and gutter cleaning services with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Trust us for a fresh, pristine look that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Parking Lot & Driveways Wash
  • Building Soft-Wash
  • Gabbage area Steam Wash
  • Roof Soft-Wash & Treatment
  • Graffiti Removal

Gas Station Steam Wash

Experience a pristine gas station with Sarah Premium Power Washing. Elevate your property’s cleanliness and appeal by booking our expert team today.

Exterior Window Cleaning

Get your windows shining bright with our Exterior Window Cleaning service. Enjoy clear views and a streak-free finish. Book now for a sparkling result.

Fleet Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing for your fleet. Get a pristine clean that revitalizes your vehicles. Trust our expert team for excellence.

Graffiti Removal Services

Make your property shine with expert graffiti removal from Sarah Premium Power Washing. Say goodbye to unwanted tags and marks with our professional services.

Dumpster Area Steam Wash

Transform your dumpster area with Sarah Premium Power Washing’s steam wash service for a cleaner, more inviting space!

Commercial Roof Wash

Revitalize your commercial property with our Commercial Roof Wash service from Sarah Premium Power Washing, enhancing your roof’s appearance and longevity for an impeccable look.

Solar Panel Farm Wash

Enhance solar panel farm efficiency with our expert cleaning service at Sarah Premium Power Washing. Professional cleaning to optimize performance. Book now for pristine panels.

Construction Equipment Wash

Elevate your construction equipment with our expert wash service at Sarah Premium Power Washing. Book now for a professional cleaning experience to keep your machinery pristine and performing at its best.

Agriculture Machinery Wash

Need a deep clean for your agricultural machinery? Sarah Premium Power Washing restores shine and performance with specialized services. Trust our experts to keep your equipment in top shape.

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